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In Memoriam

Douglas W. Payne

29 July 2009

The Socialist International is very sad to say goodbye to Doug Payne, a longstanding collaborator associated with numerous activities of the Socialist International since the 1980s, who recently lost his battle against cancer. A social democrat from the United States, Doug was first active in the pro-democracy initiatives of the organisation in Latin America and the Caribbean, participating in many SI Missions to countries in that region supporting democratic change and observing elections, later becoming closely involved with the organisation’s activities in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in the work of the SI Asia-Pacific Committee. He cared passionately about the environment and was an early voice calling for action on climate change and global warming. A well known face and an invaluable contributor at many Councils and Congresses of the International, he will be remembered by his friends and colleagues for his compassion, his understanding of international politics and his sharp wit.

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SI welcomes release of Mikalai Statkevich and other political prisoners in Belarus

24 August 2015

The release from prison of Mikalai Statkevich along with five other political prisoners in Belarus is greeted by the Socialist International, having campaigned consistently for his freedom and rights, as well as for those of all others unjustly detained for political reasons in Belarus. Statkevich, leader of the SI-member Belarus Social Democratic Party (BSDP-NH), and an opposition presidential candidate in the elections of December 2010, has been held in prison since that time for taking part in peaceful pro-democracy protests against the authoritarian regime of President Lukashenko…