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Middle East and Arab World

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Peaceful protest a fundamental right


15 febrary 2011


The urgent need to restore Egypt’s democratic agenda

31 July 2013

In support of democracy and national unity in Egypt

04 July 2013

Egypt - The Unfinished Democratic Agenda


21 december 2012


SI supports Tahrir Square demands for civilian rule


23 november 2011

Egypt: a new democratic future


14 february 2011

For a new course in Egypt


29 january 2011




Socialist International condemns shelling of refugee shelter in Gaza

24 July 2014

SI calls for immediate ceasefire in the ongoing crisis in Gaza

14 July 2014

Violence must end 

18 november 2012




Talks with Iran

25 November 2013


Iraq and Syria

Latest developments in Iraq and Syria

15 October 2014

Ending Terror in Iraq and Syria

25 September 2014


George Papandreou calls for more international support to Jordan

04 June 2014


Murderous attacks on civilians an intolerable crime


21 february 2011


For an Olympic Truce in Syria during the Sochi Games

07 February 2014

Syrian National Coalition members at SI Secretariat in London

29 October 2013

The responsibility of the international community towards the Syrian people

04 September 2013

Violence and bloodshed must end


16 february 2012

SI denounces Syrian defiance of growing calls to cease violence


28 november 2011

Opposition gathers pace in Syria


19 september 2011

Situation in Syria of grave concern


04 august 2011

Violent clashes continue as UN delivers damning report into alleged atrocities


17 june 2011

Pro-democracy activists face unacceptable violence


03 may 2011


Socialist International greets National Dialogue outcome

01 February 2014

SI mourns tragic loss of life in terror attack

21 may 2012 


SI in Yemen: working for a transition to a secure, democratic state

18 march 2012


Yemenis step up calls for democracy as President declared unfit to rule


19 june 2011

Violence continues on streets of Sana’a as President Saleh repeats refusal to go


26 may 2011

End violence against civilians


21 march 2011

Yemen: Solidarity with democrats


14 february 2011