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Honorary Presidents
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About Us


Latin America and the Caribbean

Full member parties

Argentina Socialist Party, PS
Argentina Radical Civic Union, UCR
Brazil Democratic Labour Party, PDT
Chile Party for Democracy, PPD
Chile Radical Social Democratic Party, PRSD
Chile Socialist Party of Chile, PS
Colombia Liberal Party of Colombia, PLC
Costa Rica National Liberation Party, PLN
Dominican Republic Dominican Revolutionary Party, PRD
Guatemala National Union for Hope, UNE
Haiti Union of Haitian Social Democrats
Jamaica People's National Party, PNP
Mexico Party of Democratic Revolution, PRD
Mexico Institutional Revolutionary Party, PRI
Nicaragua Sandinista National Liberation Front, FSLN
Panama Democratic Revolutionary Party, PRD
Paraguay 'País Solidario' Party
Peru Peruvian Aprista Party, PAP
Puerto Rico Puerto Rican Independence Party, PIP
Uruguay New Space Party, PNE
Uruguay Socialist Party of Uruguay, PSU
Venezuela Democratic Action, AD
Venezuela Movement for Socialism, MAS

Consultative parties


Progressive Democratic Party, PDP

Venezuela A New Era, UNT

Observer parties

Colombia Alternative Democratic Force, PDA
Haiti Organisation of the People in Struggle, OPL