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Full member parties

Andorra Social Democratic Party of Andorra, PS
Armenia ARF Armenian Socialist Party
Austria Social Democratic Party of Austria, SPÖ
Belgium Socialist Party, PS
Belgium Socialist Party, SPA
Bulgaria Bulgarian Social Democrats, PBSD
Bulgaria Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP
Croatia Social Democratic Party, SDP
Cyprus Movement of Social Democrats EDEK
Czech Republic Czech Social Democratic Party, CSSD
Denmark Social Democratic Party
Finland Finnish Social Democratic Party, SDP
France Socialist Party, PS
Germany Social Democratic Party of Germany, SPD
Greece Panhellenic Socialist Movement, PASOK
Hungary Hungarian Social Democratic Party, MSzDP
Hungary Hungarian Socialist Party, MSzP
Iceland Social Democratic Alliance
Ireland The Labour Party
Italy Italian Socialist Party, PSI
Lithuania Lithuanian Social Democratic Party, LSDP
Luxembourg Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party, LSAP/POSL
Northern Ireland Social Democratic and Labour Party, SDLP
Poland Democratic Left Alliance, SLD
Portugal Socialist Party, PS
Romania Social Democratic Party, PSD
San Marino Party of Socialists and Democrats
Slovakia SMER-Social Democracy
Spain Spanish Socialist Workers' Party, PSOE
Sweden Swedish Social Democratic Party, SAP
Switzerland Social Democratic Party of Switzerland
Turkey Republican People's Party, CHP

Consultative parties

Cyprus Republican Turkish Party, CTP
Turkey Peace and Democracy Party, BDP

Observer parties

Estonia Estonian Social Democratic Party, SDE
Great Britain The Labour Party
Latvia Latvian Social Democratic Workers' Party, LSDSP 4
Malta Malta Labour Party 4
Netherlands Labour Party, PvdA
Norway Norwegian Labour Party, DNA
Poland Union of Labour, UP 4
Slovenia Social Democrats, SD 4



4 Party downgraded to observer status due to non-payment of membership fees