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Full member parties

Algeria Socialist Forces Front, FFS
Angola MPLA
Benin Social Democratic Party, PSD
Cameroon Social Democratic Front, SDF
Cape Verde African Party of Cape Verde's Independence,PAICV
Equatorial Guinea Convergence for Social Democracy, CPDS
Ghana National Democratic Congress, NDC
Guinea Guinean People's Assembly, RPG
Mali African Party for Solidarity and Justice, ADEMA-PASJ
Mali Assembly for Mali, RPM
Mauritania Assembly of Democratic Forces, RFD
Mauritius Mauritius Labour Party
Mauritius Mauritius Militant Movement, MMM
Morocco Socialist Union of Popular Forces, USFP
Mozambique Frelimo Party
Namibia SWAPO
Niger Party for Democracy and Socialism of Niger, PNDS
Senegal Socialist Party, PS
South Africa African National Congress, ANC
Tanzania Chama Cha Mapinduzi, CCM
Tunisia Democratic Forum for Labour and Freedoms, FDTL
Zimbabwe Movement for Democratic Change, MDC

Consultative parties

Algeria National Liberation Front, FLN
Egypt Egyptian Social Democratic Party
Gabon Gabonese Party for Progress, PGP
The Gambia United Democratic Party, UDP
Guinea-Bissau African Party of Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde, PAIGC
São Tomé and Príncipe Movement for the Liberation of São Tomé and Príncipe/Social Democratic Party, MLSTP-PSD
Swaziland People's United Democratic Movement, PUDEMO
Zambia Patriotic Front, PF

Observer parties

Central African Republic Movement for the Liberation of the Central African People, MLPC
Democratic Republic of Congo Union for Democracy and Social Progress, UDPS
Kenya Labour Party of Kenya
Somaliland Justice and Welfare Party, JWP
 Western Sahara Polisario Front


4 Party downgraded to observer status due to non-payment of membership fees