List of participants

Benin meeting of the Socialist International Africa Committee, 15-16 September 2003

Socialist International

Luis Ayala (Secretary General)


Senegal, Socialist Party, PS

Ousmane Tanor Dieng (President of the Committee)


Angola, MPLA

Paulo T. Jorge
João S. Santos Neto


Benin, Social Democratic Party, PSD

Bruno Amoussou
Bani Gansé Biobou
Emmanuel Golou
Patrice Gangnito
Valentin Agbo
Bernard Davo
Charles Djrekpo
Eusèbe Agbangla
Achille Massougbodji
Théophile Montcho
Philippe Afouda
Béatrice Lokoussan
Mathias Hounyo
Marina Massougbodji
Alphonse Sogadji
Clotilde Afouda


Burkina Faso, Party for Democracy and Progress/Socialist Party, PDP/PS

Suzanne Coulbali


Cameroon, Social Democratic Front, SDF

John Fru Ndi
Augustin Mbami


Côte d'Ivoire, Ivorian Popular Front, FPI

Pascal Affi N’Guessan
Sangaré Abu Drahamane
Christian Noé
Jeremie Eluh


Denmark, Social Democratic Party

Steen Christensen


Equatorial Guinea, Convergence for Social Democracy, CPDS

Plácido Mico Abogo
Jesús Elá Abeme


France, Socialist Party, PS

Guy Labertit


Guinea, Guinean People’s Assembly, RPG

Nanténin Cherif-Haidara


Italy, Democrats of the Left, DS

Nicola Manca


Morocco, Socialist Union of Popular Forces, USFP

Hamid Ben El Cadi


Niger, Party for Democracy and Socialism of Niger, PNDS

Alkache Alhada


Portugal, Socialist Party, PS

Ana Gomes


Togo, Democratic Convention of African Peoples, CDPA

Lucas Afantchawo
Ambroise Koglo


Tunisia, Constitutional Democratic Assembly, RCD

Sadok Fayala


Socialist International Women, SIW

Chantal Kambiwa


Parliamentary Group of the PES

Karin Junker


Socialist International Secretariat

Gabriela Shepherd
Sophie Thérouanne



Ghana, National Democratic Congress, NDC

Baba Jamal
Kofi Attor


Mali, Assembly for Mali, RPM

Abdramane Sylla


Namibia, Congress of Democrats, CoD

Linus Chata


Namibia, SWAPO

Kaire M. Mbuende


Sudan, Democratic Unionist Party of Sudan, DUP

Siddige Ibrahim El Hindi


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