List of participants

From a time of crisis to a new era of inclusive partnership: SI Africa Committee meets in Dakar, 19-20 June 2009

Socialist International

Luis Ayala (Secretary General)


Host Party: 
Senegal, Socialist Party, PS

Ousmane Tanor Dieng (President of the Committee) 

Aminata Mbengue Ndiaye 
Jacques Baudin 
Khalifa Ababacar Sall 
Mamadou Faye 
Serigne Mbaye Thiam 
Abdoulaye Elimane Kane 
Abibatou Mbaye 
Cheikh Seck 
Cheikh Sadibou Seye 
Babacar Thioye Ba 
Mamadou Mbdoj Diouf 
Aminata Diallo 
Abdoulaye Vilane 
Moustapha Ndiaré Faye 
Mame Bounama Sall 
Alioune Badara Diagne


Angola, MPLA

Paulo T. Jorge 
Manuel Pedro Chaves


Benin, Social Democratic Party, PSD

Bruno Amoussou


Burkina Faso, Party for Democracy and Progress/Socialist Party, PDP/PS

O. François Kaboré


Cape Verde, African Party of Cape Verde’s Independence, PAICV

José Maria Veiga


Cote d'Ivoire, Ivorian Popular Front, FPI

William Attebi


Denmark, Social Democratic Party

Steen Christensen


France, Socialist Party, PS

Thomas Melonio


Gambia, United Democratic Party, UDP

Lamine Diba


Germany, Social Democratic Party, SPD

Friedrich Kramme-Stermose


Ghana, National Democratic Congress, NDC

Kwabena Adjei


Greece, Panhellenic Socialist Movement, PASOK

Paulina Lampsa 
Philipos Savvides


Guinea, Guinean People’s Assembly, RPG

Alpha Condé 
A.S. Camara


Mali, African Party for Solidarity and Justice, ADEMA – PASJ

Moustapha Dicko


Morocco, Socialist Union of Popular Forces, UFSP

Elouardighi Aissa


Palestine, Fatah

Abdelrahim Al-Farra 
Mohammed Qudeih


Polisario Front

Habib Mahfud 
Ahmed Salem


South Africa, African National Congress, ANC

Kopeng Obed Bapela


Spain, Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, PSOE

Domènec Ruiz Devesa


Sweden, Swedish Social Democratic Party, SAP

Joe Frans


Tunisia, Constitutional Democratic Assembly, RCD

Hager Cherif


SI Secretariat

Gabriela Shepherd


Fraternal Organisations

Socialist International Women, SIW

Chantal Kambiwa (SI Vice-President)