List of participants

Ghana Meeting of the SI Africa Committee, 15-16 June 2007

Socialist International

Luis Ayala (Secretary General)


Angola, MPLA

Paulo T.Jorge 
Pedro Chaves


Benin, Social Democratic Party, PSD

Emmanuel Golou 
Clément Houinou 
Patrice Gangnito 
Narcisse Klao 
Cephis Beo Aguiar 
Cyprien Koboude 
Cyprienne Kounade


Burkina Faso, Party for Democracy and Progress/ Socialist Party, PDP/PS

Ali Lankoande 
Théodore D. Sawadogo 
François O. Kabore


Cameroon, Social Democratic Front, SDF

John Fru N’di 
Augustin Mbami


Cape Verde, African Party of Cape Verde’s Independence, PAICV

Ramiro Azevedo


Côte D’Ivoire, Ivorian Popular Front, FPI

Laurent Akoun William Edmond Ateby


Denmark, Social Democratic Party, SDP

Steen Christensen


Equatorial Guinea, Convergence for Social Democracy, CPDS

Jesús Ela Abeme 
Wenceslao Mansogo Alo


France, Socialist Party, PS

Thomas Melonio


Gabon, Gabonese Party for Progress, PGP

Auguste Nguembhyt


Germany, Social Democratic Party of Germany, SPD

Jen Hettmann


Ghana, National Democratic Congress, NDC

Kwabena Adjei 
John Evans Atta-Mills 
Johnson Asiedu Nketiah 
Kofi Awoonor 
Alban Bagbin 
Tsatsu Tsikata 
Hannah Tetteh 
Ama Benyiwa-Doe


Greece, Panhellenic Socialist Movement, PASOK

Paulina Lampsa Theodoros Tsikas


Italy, Democrats of the Left, DS

Gianfranco Brusasco


Mauritania, Assembly for Democratic Forces, RFD

Yahya Attigh


Niger, Party for Democracy and Socialism of Niger, PNDS

Gado Foumakoye


Norway, Norwegian Labour Party, DNA

Maria Hevzy


Portugal, Socialist Party, PS

José Lello


Senegal, Socialist Party, PS

Ousmane Tanor Dieng (Chair of the Committee)

Jacques Baudin


South Africa, African National Congress, ANC

Kopeng Obed Bapela 
George Mpapele


Spain, Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, PSOE

Orestes Suárez


Sweden, Swedish Social Democratic Party, SAP

Joe Frans


Togo, Democratic Convention of African Peoples, CDPA

Pascal Komlan Adoko 
Sophie Thérouanne



Gambia, United Democratic Party

Yaya Jallow


Guinea Bissau, African Party of the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde, PAIGC

Rui de Araujo Gomes


Jean Jaurès Foundation

Guy Labertit



Polisario Front

Mohamed Yeslem Beissat