Statement on Burma/Myanmar

Meeting of the Socialist International Asia-Pacific Committee Manila, 20-21 May 2011

The SI Asia-Pacific Committee reiterates its joy at the release of Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of the democratic movement in Burma after thirteen years of house arrest and calls for the release of all the remaining political prisoners in the country.

We express our condemnation of the continuation of human rights violations in the country and call for an immediate and decisive move towards democracy. This should include a new democratic constitution and the opening up of the country to international organisations, inclusive dialogue with all ethnic minorities, the legalisation of all political parties, and full respect for the rights and freedoms of all the people of Burma.

The Committee resolves that a delegation of the Socialist International should visit Burma in the coming months, following preparatory work to include the views of all groups and people affected, to undertake contacts with the National League for Democracy and other democratic forces of the country, bringing our support and solidarity for all those striving for democratic change.