Meeting of the SI Committee on Economic Policy, Labour and National Resources, Moscow

4 June 2010

The Socialist International Committee on Economic Policy, Labour and National Resources met in Moscow on 4 June 2010, with the discussions focussing on economic and social development issues in Russia and other CIS states, and the effective and efficient use of natural and labour resources during the economic crisis. The meeting was chaired by Christoph Zöpel (SPD, Germany), Chair of the Committee.

In his opening remarks, SI Secretary General Luis Ayala reasserted the importance of social democracy in tackling the major economic problems which remain a concern today, calling this a moment for strong recognition of what the social democratic movement and its ideology represent. He stressed that it was social democrats who have throughout history been on the side of the principled position which are needed now more than ever.

Contributions were made by Russian, Armenian, Bulgarian, Spanish and French representatives on the effects of the financial crisis and their party's initiatives, and there was a consensus amongst Committee members that the crisis is not yet over, and that social democratic parties must redouble their efforts to ensure that those responsible for the crisis contribute fully to the recovery.

On natural resources, the discussions of the Committee centred upon responsible use and management of natural resources, and in particular energy resources. The Committee agreed that stable energy prices were important both for net importers and exporters of energy resources, as this would mean less volatility, enabling more effective political strategies on energy saving.

The Committee discussed a draft resolution to be presented at the next meeting of the SI Council in New York on 21-22 June, entitled The Challenges of Global Development in 2010 – The economic, social, environmental and cultural dimensions. It was agreed that the next meeting of the Committee will take place in advance of the Autumn Council meeting and should discuss drafts on 1) Global welfare statehood; 2) Global natural resources and energy policy; and 3) Informal labour.