List of participants

SI Committee on the Economy, Social Cohesion and the Environment focuses on economies in transition, Kiev, 9-10 September 2007

Socialist International

Luis Ayala, Secretary General


Germany, Social Democratic Party of Germany, SPD

Christoph Zöpel (President of the Committee)


France, Socialist Party, PS

Bernard Soulage (Vice-President of the Committee)


Palestine, Fatah

Baker Abed El-Munem
Dawood Jalloud


Sweden, Swedish Social Democratic Party, SAP

Leif Jakobsson
Martin Sandgren


Tunisia, Constitutional Democratic Assembly, RCD

Abdelwaheb Jemal


Turkey, Republican People’s Party, CHP

Faik Oztrak
Petek Gürbüz


Ukraine, Socialist Party of Ukraine, SPU

Oleksandr Moroz
Vitaliy Shybko
Mukola Danilin
Yaroslav Mendus
Volodymir Kizima
Kateryna Vezielieva
Olena Lukaniuk
Bogdan Ferens
Denis Voloshin


Ukraine, Social Democratic Party of Ukraine, SDPU

Yury Buzduganv
Olena Skomoroshchenko


Socialist International Secretariat

Sophie Thérouanne



Russian Federation:

Sergei Glaziev, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation
Sergei Zavorotny, Economic Adviser of Sergei Glaziev
Oleg Hoginskiy, Expert on Social problems



Oksana Kuziakiv, Chief Executive of the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting
Igor Burakovsky, Director of the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting
Oleg Vestryh, Head of the Organisation Committee of the Social Democracy Party
Stefan Chrobot, Regional Director, Friedrich Ebert Stifung

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