The Venezuelan crisis has had global repercussions. The resulting humanitarian emergency has driven more than seven million Venezuelans out of their country. Today the Venezuelan issue is of vital importance for Latin America, for the entire Western Hemisphere and for various countries in Europe.

In Venezuela, civil liberties have deteriorated, poverty and inequalities have increased. For the Socialist International, overcoming the Venezuelan crisis in peace and freedom is an ethical as well as a political imperative.

We ask for the restart of negotiations in Mexico with the facilitation of the Kingdom of Norway. Any progress in this process is an important step in improving the living conditions of Venezuelans.

We urge the parties to reach a comprehensive agreement that allows Venezuelans to have a dignified and full life, creating an institutional framework that is at the service of all citizens, with full guarantees for the exercise of all their rights.

The unitary platform that brings together the democratic opposition called primary elections for October 22. The SI supports and will be attentive to this process.

The definitive resolution of the Venezuelan question requires support for the Venezuelan people in the search for an electoral solution to the systemic crisis that Venezuela is experiencing, through democratic, free and verifiable elections.