Message of solidrity and support to the National Union for Hope, UNE, of Guatemala

Changes in Latin America and the Caribbean at the heart of the agenda of the SI meeting in Montevideo, 3-4 April 2006

Original: Spanish


1. The member parties of the Socialist International Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean, meeting in Montevideo, Uruguay, on 3-4 April 2006, welcome the presence of the National Union for Hope party, UNE, represented by a delegation headed by its Secretary General, Alvaro Colóm Caballeros.

2. Given the anti-neo-liberal stance of the UNE, physical threats and aspersions on the moral integrity of the party’s leader have been made, as well as hounding and political persecution, for which this meeting expresses its solidarity with this party and its leaders and calls on the members of the Socialist International to pay constant attention to the Guatemalan political process, which, day by day, is opening the way towards the first electoral victory for social democracy in Guatemala in fifty years.