Programme of panels

José Francisco Peña Gómez – TEN YEARS ON Democratic Socialism in Latin America and the Caribbean, 17-18 April 2008

Thursday 17 April


Video presentation


Singing of the Socialist International hymn, the national anthem and the hymn of the Dominican Revolutionary Party, PRD


Opening speeches:

Ramón Alburquerque, President of the PRD, Vice-President of the Socialist International

Peggy Cabral de Peña Gómez, Vice-President and Secretary for International Affairs of the PRD

Miguel Vargas Maldonado, Vice-President of the PRD, Candidate to the Presidency of the Republic

Luis Ayala, Secretary General of the Socialist Internationa


First Panel: “The legacy of Peña Gómez”

Moderator: Miguel Vargas Maldonado



Milagros Ortiz Bosch, Vice-President of the PRD

Tony Raful, Vice-President of the  PRD

Ivelissa Prats de Pérez, Vice-President and Director of Education and Doctrine of the PRD

Milton Ray Guevara, Vice-President of the PRD


Questions and Answers


Second Panel: ¨The influence of Peña Gómez on the development of social democracy in Latin America and the Caribbean and internationally¨

Moderator: Ramón Alburquerque



Samuel Santos, FSLN, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua

Antonio Gallicchio,  New Space, Uruguay

Timoteo Zambrano, Un Nuevo Tiempo, Venezuela

Victor Benoit,  Union of Haitian Social Democrats


Questions and Answers


Third Panel: “Democratic socialist priorities for governments in the region today”

Moderator: Peggy Cabral de Peña Gómez



Miguel Angel Ibarra, National Union for Hope, UNE, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of  Guatemala

Oscar Alfaro Zamora, Member of the Executive, National Liberation Party, PLN, Costa Rica

Hermes Toledo, Member of Parliament, Socialist Party of Uruguay


Questions and Answers


Viernes, 18 de abril

Fourth Panel: “The role of social democracy as an alternative force in countries of Latin America and the Caribbean”

Moderator: Tony Raful



Felipe Mujica, MAS, Venezuela

Jorge Bustamante, Director of Instituto of Liberal Thought, Liberal Party of Colombia

Mayra Coffie, MAN, Curaçao

Leopoldo López, Un Nuevo Tiempo, Venezuela


Questions and Answers


Fifth Panel: “ Democratic socialism as a global force: Proposals for a changing world”

Moderator: Luis Ayala



Orlando Jorge Mera, Secretary General of the PRD, Dominican Republic

Eduardo Ruas Manuel, Director of the International Departament, MPLA, Angola

Manuel Rosales, Un Nuevo Tiempo, Venezuela

Heriberto Galindo, Member of the National Executive Committee of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, PRI, Mexico


Questions and Answers


Final words by Luis Ayala


Press Conference