Resolution on Nicaragua

Meeting of the SI Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean, 3-4 November 2017

Original: Spanish

Considering that the people of the United States of North America and the people of Nicaragua have always maintained links of friendship and a close relationship over and above any political disagreement:

The Socialist International Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean rejects and condemns any interference in the internal affairs of the Republic of Nicaragua, as it constitutes a flagrant violation of the Principle of Non-Intervention and Self-Determination of the People. Therefore, it calls on the members of Congress, and the North American Senate in particular, to interrupt the process of Nica Act law, because it would violate the independence and sovereignty of Nicaragua.

Ultra-conservative sectors aim to promote the Nica Act law in the North American Congress, whose objective is to make representatives of the Government of the USA in multilateral financial organisations vote against applications for credit from Nicaragua. This would convert cooperation and these international organisations into an instrument of their interventionist policy which violates the rights of the Nicaraguan people to their development, because it is a real denial of the political, social, cultural and economic processes that are currently underway in Nicaragua to improve the lives of all the citizens and to promote peace, happiness, harmony and the wellbeing of all Nicaraguans; therefore, under the pretext of freedom, respect for human rights and the rule of law, what the Nica Act intends is their denial.

The Committee also calls on the member parties of the Socialist International with a dedication to peace and democracy, to stand in solidarity with the people of Nicaragua and their government in their fight against extreme poverty, poverty and unemployment.




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