Resolution on Haiti

Meeting of the Socialist International Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean, Kingston, Jamaica, 1-2 September 2000

Original: French

The Socialist International Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean (SICLAC), meeting in Kingston, Jamaica on 1-2 September 2000:

  • deplores the fact that the elections organised in Haiti on 21 May 2000, far from helping Haiti advance in the democratic process, have only highlighted the socio-political crisis in the country;
  • expresses its concern that the regime in power in Haiti has practically placed itself in a situation of political isolation in relation to the rest of the international community;
  • invites democrats of all the political families of the world, particularly socialists and social democrats, to be vigilant with regard to a deterioration of the political situation in Haiti;
  • appeals to the Secretary General of the United Nations to appoint a committee to investigate the current situation in Haiti and to recommend appropriate action.
  • encourages the SI member parties in Haiti to reinforce their common strategy in order to effectively contribute to the establishment of a true economic and political democracy in Haiti.