Resolution on Haiti

Meeting of the Socialist International Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean, Santo Domingo, 23-24 March 1998

Original: French

The Socialist International Committee on Latin America and the Caribbean (SICLAC), meeting in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on 23-24 March 1998, is particularly concerned by the deadlock of the electoral process and the absence of a government during the past nine months, which has had serious social and economic consequences affecting the daily life of the Haitian people.

In view of this situation, SICLAC appeals to all political actors in Haiti, and in particular to the member parties of the Socialist International, to take steps to help resolve the situation:

1. by setting up, as rapidly as possible, on the basis of the appointment of a Prime Minister, a government which will contribute to the strengthening of institutions;

2. by relaunching the electoral process through the establishment of a balanced and credible Electoral Council;

3. by working for a realignment of democratic forces so that efforts may continue for the democratisation of the country