Resolution on Venezuela

SI Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean met in Colombia, 7-8 May 2004

Original: Spanish

The Socialist International Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean expresses its solidarity with Venezuelan democracy and its support for the principles and values involved in preserving democratic freedoms. The International is committed to maintaining the stability of these democratic institutions and therefore supports the efforts made by the various political players in favour of democratic and constitutional processes involving civic participation, with a view to fostering a climate of inclusion, tolerance and national reconciliation, intended to strengthen democracy in the country.

The Committee puts its trust in the effectiveness of the referendum mechanism provided for in the Constitution, and calls upon the Venezuelan government to provide the resources and guarantees required to find a solution to the political crisis in that country.

To this end the Committee will monitor the process by setting up a working group which, within the legal and constitutional parameters, would lead to a peaceful, democratic and institutional outcome.