Statement on Venezuela

Meeting of the Socialist International Committee on Local Authorities, Cartaxo, Portugal, 10-11 September 1999

Original: Spanish

The Socialist International Committee on Local Authorities, meeting in Cartaxo on 10-11 September 1999,

aware that democracy requires solid political institutions based on the distribution of political power and the rule of law,

recognising the positive aspects afforded by the advances in the administrative reform of the state in relation to decentralisation and local political decision-making,

concerned that progress in the democratic process and decentralised administration be supported in the drafting of a new constitution according to the electoral bases approved by the Venezuelan people in the consultative referendum,

aware of the role and autonomous nature of local authorities and municipalities in Venezuela, as institutions which strengthen the democratic regime of freedom, human rights and justice.

Appeals for a solution to the crisis of governability and for the rule of law to be respected without violations or threats to the right to freedom of action and to the whole democratic system, and

Reaffirms its call that the strengthening and legitimacy of the regions, local authorities and municipalities, as fundamental tools for the implementation of viable social projects, be respected.