List of participants

SI Mediterranean Committee meeting in Toledo, Spain, 9-10 May 2003

Chair of the Committee

Manuel Marín


Secretary General of the SI

Luis Ayala


Albania, Social Democratic Party, PSD

Gaqo Apostoli
Ndue Pjetra


Albania, Socialist Party of Albania, SPA

Pandeli Majko


Algeria, Socialist Forces Front, FFS

Hocine Aït-Ahmed
Dalila Taleb
Ahmed Djeddaï
Karim Baloul


Belgium, Socialist Party, PS

Etienne Godin


Cyprus, Movement of Social Democrats

Eleni Karaoli


Croatia, Social Democratic Party, SDP

Marin Jurjevic
Irina Stajcic


France, Socialist Party, PS

Kader Arif
Alain Chenal


Germany, Social Democratic Party of Germany, SPD

Wolfgang Weege


Greece, Panhellenic Socialist Movement, PASOK

Irene Lambraki


Israel, Israel Labour Party

Ophir Pines


Italy, Democrats of the Left, DS

Nicola Manca


Italy, Italian Democratic Socialists, SDI

Luca Cefisi


Morocco, Socialist Union of Popular Forces, USFP

Abderrahman Youssoufi
Abderrahman Amrani


Territories under Palestinian Authority, Fatah

Ilan Halevi


Spain, Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, PSOE

Felipe González
Raimon Obiols
Alfonso Perales
María Badía
María Solanas
Cristina Juarranz


Sweden, Swedish Social Democratic Party, SAP

Kaj Nordquist
Asa Nilsson


Tunisia, Constitutional Democratic Assembly, RCD

Sadok Fayala


Turkey, Republican People’s Party, CHP

Necdet Budak
Petek Gürbüz


International Union of Socialist Youth, IUSY

Aitor Luna


Socialist International Women, SIW

Marlène Haas
Pia Locatelli


Parliamentary Group of the Party of European Socialists

Francisca Sauquillo


SI Secretariat

Latifa Perry
Sophie Thérouanne



Cyprus, Republican Turkish Party, CTP

Kutlay Erk


Miguel Angel Moratinos, Representative of the European Union for the Middle East


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