Meeting of the SI Middle East Committee in Oslo

2 November 2000

The SI Middle East Committee met in Oslo on 2 November, hosted by the Norwegian Labour Party, DNA, whose leader, Thorbjørn Jagland, is Chair of the Committee, to discuss the latest developments and prospects for peace in the region.

The Committee debated current developments and agreed on the need to focus efforts on an end to the violence, to maintain the partnership for peace, to rebuild confidence between both the Israeli and the Palestinian populations, to implement the agreements reached in the peace process, to promote a climate of mutual respect and to move forward in addressing the questions essential to both sides.The meeting encouraged the immediate initiation of the work of the Committee of Enquiry, decided at the Sharm-El-Sheikh summit and supported the initiative to invite Prime Minister Barak and President Arafat to a meeting of the SI Presidium for discussions to promote understanding and agreement.