Socialist International observer delegation declares Palestinian elections a success

The Socialist International observer delegation, at the close of the vote carried out on January 9 to elect the new President of the Palestinian Authority:

1. expresses its appreciation and recognition of the democratic will and civic responsibility of the Palestinian people who, through their efforts and commitment to democracy, have made of this election a landmark in their search for a future of peace with freedom and new opportunities for all;

2. congratulates the main actors in these elections, in the first place the Palestinian people, and the Palestinian political institutions, political parties, the candidates, and the Central Elections Commission (CEC), for carrying out, notwithstanding unique and difficult circumstances, free, fair and transparent elections, highlighting the common will of the Palestinian people to overcome the challenges they face and to move forward in democracy;

3. extends its heartfelt congratulations to President-Elect Mahmood Abbas on his clear victory in the elections, and to his party, Fatah, a member of the Socialist International;

4. expresses its satisfaction that these elections have provided the President-Elect with a clear mandate to carry forward the Palestinian people’s agenda for peace, for democracy, and for the establishment of a State of their own, with economic development, progress and security for all its citizens and neighbours alike;

5. reaffirms that the Palestinian people can continue to count on the Socialist International as a platform and an instrument to carry on building dialogue and cooperation between Palestinians and Israelis today more than ever, when it is urgent and imperative to regain a horizon for peace for the benefit of the people in the region and beyond;

6. underlines the crucial role of the international community in providing the new President of the Palestinian Authority with all the necessary support to meet the expectations of the Palestinian people at this critical time. The international community, and in particular the Israeli government, which has a special responsibility in this regard, should not miss the historic opportunity provided by these elections to implement without delay the agreed road map for peace.