Declaration of the Committee on the Legislative Debate in the United States Senate

Casablanca meeting of SI Committee discusses role of migrations in North-South relations, 27-28 March 2006


Original: Spanish

The Socialist International Committee on Migrations, during its discussions held on 27-28 March 2006 in Casablanca, was informed of the legislative debate which is taking place in the Judicial Committee of the United States Senate, concerning a package of reforms on migration, which will have an impact on the future of millions of migrant families who live in the United States and its economy.

The SI Committee on Migrations has welcomed and supported the peaceful demonstrations of thousands and thousands of migrant workers across the major cities of the United States, against the measures proposed by the House of Representatives last December (H.R. 4437) which seek to criminalise those without papers and erect a wall on the Mexican-US border.

The Socialist International will pay close attention, together with global public opinion, to the final outcome of the legislative process, so that the respect for the human and labour rights of migrants and their families remain guaranteed.

The SI Committee on Migrations considers positively the approval of a guest worker programme and the beginning of the process to legalise 12 million workers without papers, of whom half are Mexican.