List of participants

Meeting of the Socialist International Committee on Human Rights, Manila, 25-26 April 1998

Chair of the Committee

Clare Short (Labour Party, Great Britain)


Secretary General of the SI

Luis Ayala


Australia, Australian Labor Party, ALP

Michael Beahan


Chile, Socialist Party, PS

Sergio Silva


Germany, Social Democratic Party of Germany, SPD

Robert Feicht


Great Britain, The Labour Party

Jessica Crowe


Greece, Panhellenic Socialist Movement, PASOK

Stelios Perrakis


Japan, Social Democratic Party, SDP

Manae Kubota


Malaysia, Democratic Action Party, DAP

Teresa Kok


Mali, African Party for Solidarity and Justice, ADEMA-PASJ

Abderhamane Niang


Nepal, Nepali Congress Party

Mahesh Acharya
Jay Prakash Gupta


Pakistan, Pakistan Peoples' Party, PPP

Mian Misbah-ur-Rehman
Qasim Zia


Philippines, Philippines Democratic Socialist Party, PDSP

Norberto Gonzales
Efren VillaseƱor
Elizabeth Angsioco
Rodolfo Tan
Dominador Calamba
Parouk Hussin


Sweden, Swedish Social Democratic Party, SAP

Thomas Hammarberg


Territories under Palestinian Authority, Fatah

Izzat Sabbe Shahrour


International Union of Socialist Youth, IUSY

Rafael Albert III


SI Secretariat

Latifa Perry



Burma, National League for Democracy, NLD (LA)

Oung Myint Tun


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