List of participants

Meeting of the Socialist International Committee on Peace, Democracy and Human Rights, Prague, 16-17 October 2000

Chair of the Committee

Milos Zeman (Czech Republic, CSSD)


Secretary General of the SI

Luis Ayala


Albania, Socialist Party of Albania, SPA

Arta Dade


Andorra, Social Democratic Party, PS

Marc Vila Amigó


Austria, Social Democratic Party of Austria, SPÖ

Inge Jäger


Czech Republic, Czech Social Democratic Party, CSSD

Jan Kavan
Vladimir Müller
Jan Hamacek


Finland, Finnish Social Democratic Party, SDP

Pertti Paasio


Hungary, Hungarian Socialist Party, MSzP

Csaba Tabajdi


Iran, Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, PDKI

Khosrow Abdollahi
Khosrow Bahrami


Mexico, Party of Democratic Revolution, PRD

Rosa Márquez


Morocco, Socialist Union of Popular Forces, USFP

Abdelaziz Nouayadi


Norway, Norwegian Labour Party, DNA

Marit Nybakk


Poland, Democratic Left Alliance, SLD

Joanna Brzozowska


Slovakia, Party of the Democratic Left, SDL

Edward Chmelar


Spain, Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, PSOE

Leire Pajín
María Irigoyen


Sweden, Swedish Social Democratic Party, SAP

Thomas Hammarberg
Lisa Pelling


Tunisia, Constitutional Democratic Assembly, RCD

Hachmi Amri


Parliamentary Group of the PES

Maria Berger


SI Secretariat

Latifa Perry



Canadian Centre for Foreign Policy Development

Steve Lee