Meeting of the SIMEC Working Group on the Kurdish Question in Brussels

16 March 2001

The members of the SIMEC Working Group on the Kurdish Question reviewed latest developments regarding the situation of the Kurdish people with representatives from the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, PDKI (an SI member); from the Kurdistan Democratic Party, KDP, and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, PUK, of Iraq; and from the People’s Democracy Party, Hadep, from Turkey, at a meeting of the Group held in Brussels on 16 March, hosted by the Parti Socialiste, PS of Belgium.

The Group, whose mandate reflects the International’s commitment and engagement on matters affecting the Kurds, agreed at this meeting, among other initiatives, on the sending of a mission to Northern Iraq to evaluate at first hand the situation there, including the implementation of the Washington Agreements between the KDP and PUK and prospects for the Kurdish areas in that region. The holding of a Socialist International Conference on the Kurdish Question during 2002 was also agreed.

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