Decisions on Membership of the Socialist International

XIX Congress of the Socialist International, Berlin, 15-17 September 1992

Change of Status from Consultative to Full Members

ARUBA, People's Electoral Movement, MEP

BOLIVIA, Revolutionary Left Movement, MIR

CYPRUS, EDEK Socialist Party of Cyprus

HAITI, Revolutionary Progressive Nationalist Party, PANPRA

MOROCCO, Socialist Union of Popular Forces, USFP

PUERTO RICO, Puerto Rican Independence Party, PIP

Full Members

ARGENTINA, Popular Socialist Party, PSP

CZECH AND SLOVAK FEDERAL REPUBLIC, Social Democratic Party of Slovakia

ITALY, Democratic Party of the Left, PDS

Consultative Status

ALBANIA, Social Democratic Party of Albania, PSD

ALGERIA, Socialist Forces Front, FFS

CAPE VERDE, African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde, PAICV

CHILE, Party for Democracy, PPD

CHILE, Socialist Party of Chile, PS

COLOMBIA, Liberal Party

FIJI, Fiji Labour Party

HAITI, Party of the National Congress of Democratic Movements, KONAKOM

IVORY COAST, Ivory Coast Popular Front, FPI

MONGOLIA, Mongolian Social Democratic Party, MSDP

PHILIPPINES, Philippines Democratic Socialist Party, PDSP

ST KITTS-NEVIS, St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party

ST LUCIA, St. Lucia Labour Party, SLP

URUGUAY, Party for People's Government, PGP

Observer Status

BENIN, Democratic Union of Progressive Forces, UDFP

BENIN, Movement for Democracy and Social Progress, MDPS

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC, Patriotic Progressive Front, FPP

COLOMBIA, M-l9 Democratic Alliance

HUNGARY, Hungarian Social Democratic Party, MSZDP

HUNGARY, Hungarian Socialist Party, MSZP

NICARAGUA, Sandinista National Liberation Front, FSLN

SLOVENIA, Social Democratic Party of Slovenia, SDSS

The Congress ceased the membership of

ST LUCIA, Progressive Labour Party of St Lucia

TURKEY, Democratic Left Party, DSP