Resolution on Venezuela

XXV Congress of the Socialist International, Cartagena, Colombia, 2-4 March 2017

Original: Spanish

The World Congress of the Socialist International, meeting in Cartagena on 2-4 March 2017 reiterates once again its deep concern at the serious political, economic and social crisis affecting Venezuela as a consequence of misguided economic and social policies as well as of authoritarian attitudes that violate not only the democratic principles that we share in the Socialist International, but is also a systematic violation of human rights, giving shape to a state policy that we strongly reject.

The Socialist International once more urges President Nicolás Maduro to free all political prisoners, and to respect the National Assembly and the immunity of its parliamentarians. In democracy, the autonomy of powers is a fundamental principle. Making use of one power against another undermines and compromises their principles and values which are based on the respect, the balance, and the autonomy of such powers.

The Socialist International, deeply concerned, demands of the government of Nicolás Maduro to comply with the agreements reached at the negotiating table under the auspices of UNASUR, the Vatican and the ex-Presidents José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Martín Torrijos and Leonel Fernández, in regard to the opening of an humanitarian corridor, the liberation of political prisoners, the recognition of the autonomy of powers and, above all, the constitutional observance of the celebration of electoral processes established specifically in the Constitution, to which the international community and the Socialist International have contributed, in order to achieve a political and peaceful solution to the serious crisis affecting Venezuela.




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