Declaration on Yemen

Meeting of the SI Council in Barcelona, 24-25 November 2017

The SI Council calls for urgent action to address the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, where food insecurity is affecting approximately 60 percent of the population, an estimated 17 million people. Of these, seven million are at risk of famine, while three million have fled their homes. In all, it is thought that 9.8 million Yemenis are in acute need of humanitarian assistance, and there remains a shortfall of approximately $1 billion in funding for the humanitarian response.

The recent blockade imposed by the Saudi-led coalition has undoubtedly exacerbated the crisis in Yemen and led to further suffering and loss of life. Preventing humanitarian assistance from reaching the civilian population is a violation of international law. The SI repeats its condemnation of indiscriminate airstrikes and the use of cluster munitions by the international coalition, another violation of international law. These have killed and wounded thousands of civilians in Yemen. Indiscriminate rocket attacks and the laying of banned antipersonnel landmines by both sides in the conflict have also claimed the lives of hundreds of civilians. Those responsible for violations of human rights and international law during the Yemeni conflict must be held accountable.

The SI has a deep and longstanding commitment to the Yemeni people and the Yemeni Socialist Party (YSP), its member in that country. The Secretary General of the SI had visited the capital, Sana'a, and held meetings with members of the government, political leaders, party representatives and activists at a time when there was hope for a peaceful and democratic future for all citizens of Yemen, a prospect which today seems further than ever from being realised. The SI will continue to offer its support and solidarity to its member party and the citizens of Yemen as they face this extreme hardship.

The humanitarian situation has already reached unprecedented levels, and must not be allowed to deteriorate further. As a matter of priority, the SI Council calls for:

An immediate end to the blockade and the resumption of food imports to all Yemeni ports
A commitment from the international community to fully fund humanitarian response efforts
The granting of access for aid agencies to all those in Yemen who are in desperate need of relief and assistance.

At the origin of the Yemeni crisis is the conflict that has wracked the country since 2015, and until Yemen is at peace there is no prospect of an end to the suffering of its civilian population. It is therefore paramount that the warring parties take steps to bring the conflict to an end, in the  interests of all Yemenis, with the support and assistance of the international community.






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