Resolution on the Kurdish People

Meeting of the SI Council in Barcelona, 24-25 November 2017

In Iran, human rights violations have become routine and normalised. The Iranian Regime does not pay attention to international conventions when it comes to human rights. The international community needs to react and remind the Iranian regime as often as possible about basic human rights.

The Iranian regime does not fulfil its responsibilities when it comes to its own people. In the case of the powerful earthquake two weeks ago, it has not even allowed the international community to get involved in helping the population. The international community needs to help the Kurdish people in reconstructing their houses and recovering after the catastrophe by providing help and getting involved directly, since the Iranian regime does not offer its assistance to the Kurds.

The Kurdish case in Iran deserves the chance of peaceful negotiations but unfortunately at the present time, the Iranian regime is not ready or able to do that.

In Iraqi Kurdistan, the SI supports the implementation of the Iraqi constitution and the stopping of all kinds of violence against the Kurdish people. It condemns the military measures taken by the Iraqi government in the Kurdistan region, which is a violation of the Iraqi constitution. We call on the Iraqi government to implement a peaceful solution and share power with the Kurds, allowing them to govern in Iraq in accordance with the framework of the Iraqi constitution, and to start non- preconditional negotiations with the KRG. We also call on the Iraqi government to protect the rights of the Kurdish people in disputed areas and to withdraw the militias from there.

In Syria, we salute the liberation of Raqqa, the so-called capital of the terrorists of Daesh, by the Syrian Democratic Forces and the international coalitions. We reiterate that the only solution to the Syrian question is a political solution, with the participation of all the democratic representatives of the Syrian people including of course the representatives of the Kurdish people. The final aim of the whole procedure will be the creation of a federal democratic Syria, that will promote peace, stability and freedom.

In Turkey, Erdogan’s government should allow the political dialogue to be resumed and release political prisoners and journalists. The Turkish government needs to return to the process of finding a peaceful solution to the Kurdish question.

The Socialist International supports the reactivation of the SI Committee on the Kurdish Question, and the holding of a meeting in the Kurdistan region of Iraq to focus on the Kurdish case and creating harmony among the Kurdish members of the SI.




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