Resolution on the situation in Venezuela

Meeting of the SI Council in Barcelona, 24-25 November 2017

Original: Spanish

The Council of the Socialist International reaffirms the resolution made on 3-4 November in Santo Domingo during the meeting of the Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean:

  • To immediately release the political prisoners and ensure respect for the human rights of all Venezuelans to create the conditions for finding ways that lead to a satisfactory solution of the political crisis.
  • To request the opening of a humanitarian channel which can immediately address the complex food and health emergency that the Venezuelan people are suffering.
  • To ensure that the presidential elections in 2018 are free and fair without prisoners or those disqualified, under the leadership of a new electoral authority that guarantees their full credibility, together with effective qualified international observers from the European Union, OAS and the United Nations. The legitimacy and independence of the electoral authority are essential elements for the sovereign will of the Venezuelan people to be expressed and respected.
  • To respect the National Assembly and all its members in the exercising of their duties. To respect the separation of powers established in the Constitution, the state of law and democratic principles, and to respect the self-determination of the Venezuelan people.
  • The Council hopes that the process of dialogue and negotiation will be constructive and serious in the forthcoming talks on 1 and 2 December in the Dominican Republic, accompanied by international facilitators and guarantors, and that it will be able to deliver results and respond democratically and peacefully to the serious crisis in Venezuela.