Resolution on the Middle East

BUENOS AIRES COUNCIL - Shaping Change, 25-26 June 1999

The Council of the Socialist International meeting in Buenos Aires on 25-26 June 1999,

referring to its previous statements of concern regarding the stalemate in the Middle East peace process,

expresses its profound satisfaction with the election of Ehud Barak as the Prime Minister of Israel;

congratulates the Israel Labour Party and Meretz with the election result;

pledges its support to the revival of the Middle East process in conformity with the spirit of the Oslo accords and the Madrid process in order to secure the success of the Final Status negotiations;

underlines the importance of the full implementation by both parties of all relevant decisions and agreements to achieve a durable and mutually acceptable peace between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples;

reaffirms that these principles and agreements provide for the Israeli withdrawal from Palestinian territories, allowing the Palestinians to practice their inalienable right to self-determination and statehood;

appeals to the international community to rally economic support for the Palestinian Authority under the leadership of President Yasser Arafat;

asks the SI Middle East Committee to prepare the ground for a comprehensive resolution of the SI Congress in Paris on every track of the Middle East peace process.

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