Resolution on Equatorial Guinea

CASABLANCA COUNCIL - Peace, Security, Development, 31 May-1 June 2002

The Socialist International is greatly disturbed by the latest wave of repression carried out by the government of Equatorial Guinea against opposition groups, including the SI member Convergence for Social Democracy, CPDS.

The clampdown, which began in April with more than one hundred arrests, seems designed to undermine the efforts of the CPDS and other opposition parties still operating in the face of government harassment, as they prepare for forthcoming elections.

Questionable charges, including sedition, have been brought against at least 140 people, among them Plácido Micó, CPDS Secretary General, a long time leader in the struggle for democracy in Equatorial Guinea. The trial against Micó and the others began last week amidst allegations that many of the accused had been tortured.

The Socialist International strongly urges the government of Equatorial Guinea to fully abide by due processes and all other internationally recognised judicial norms, to thoroughly investigate all allegations of torture, to fully respect the political rights and civil liberties of every citizen and to ensure conditions that will allow for free and fair elections.

The International also calls upon the international community to renew its focus on Equatorial Guinea and redouble its efforts to ensure that human rights are fully respected there.