Declaration on resolution of conflicts

Meeting of the SI Council at the United Nations in Geneva, 12-13 December 2014

Under the main theme of international peace and security: the resolution of conflicts and countering terrorism, the Council of the Socialist International met at the United Nations, Geneva on 12-13 December 2014. Representatives from a number of the countries in the world currently affected by conflict presented their perspectives.

Social democracy has its roots as a movement for peace, which is a fundamental precondition for human progress and prosperity. The future safety, freedom and prosperity of humanity is dependent on the prevalence of peace and the respect of international law and the peaceful resolution of conflict. Military conflict and the destruction of life is the opposite of all that this movement stands for. As social democrats we must also make concerted efforts in the field of conflict prevention, seeking to ensure that disputes and differences are resolved in the realm of politics rather than in confrontation. One preventative measure is to address the power structures and the military culture, which pave the way for conflicts.

Solutions to the active conflicts found in the world require a functional system of global governance, to replace the unclear power relations that have allowed them to develop. The solutions to conflicts need to come from a political root, and be addressed from a political perspective. Multilateral solutions are now required in a multipolar world. At a time of greater global insecurity, the role of the United Nations is critical for the advancement of the values of solidarity, equality, sustainable development and justice, values that are at the core of our global movement. The SI has a strong partnership with the UN and believes that close links between the UN and parliaments, parties, policy makers, and civil society are essential.

The high level of conflict present in the world has led to an unprecedented acceleration in the number of people displaced and a humanitarian crisis. There are many active conflicts we see in the world today that are producing no winners, only losers, and many of those losers have been left in desperate conditions. The number and scale of conflicts have pushed the humanitarian system close to breaking point, with a shortage of money for food support to those affected by various conflicts. We declare our support for the efforts of the UNHCR and the humanitarian aid and development community. We appeal to all to provide the necessary assistance to alleviate the ongoing humanitarian tragedies in many corners of the world.

The SI believes that peace in the world is deeply linked with the respect of human and minority rights, transparent democratic governance, social justice, equitable distribution of wealth and sustainable use of resources. Women’s rights and gender equality are major indicators of a stable, equitable and peaceful society.

In this context, the Council recognises the important role of women in the prevention and resolution of conflicts and in peace-building, and is committed to the implementation of UN resolution 1325. This will ensure the participation of women in peace processes and transitions by the means of introducing affirmative action for decision-making politicians in all phases of conflicts, from prevention to peace-building.

Finally the SI clearly believes that the fight against violence and terrorism cannot lead to the violation of fundamental human rights or the erosion of democratic freedoms and institutions. Our strength lies in the deepening of our democratic institutions and values.