Members of the Ethics Committee

MADRID COUNCIL - How do we build upon the social democratic vision for a more secure world? 7-8 February 2004

elected by the Council for the inter-Congress period

Australian Labor Party, ALP

• Socialist Party, PS, Belgium

• National Liberation Party, PLN, Costa Rica

• Socialist Party, PS, France

• Social Democratic Party of Germany, SPD

• The Labour Party, Great Britain

• Socialist Party, MSzP, Hungary

• Democrats of the Left, DS, Italy

• Social Democratic Party, SDP, Japan

• Party of Democratic Revolution, PRD, Mexico

• Labour Party, PvdA, Netherlands

• Socialist Party, PS, Senegal

• United List of Social Democrats, ZLSD, Slovenia

• Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, PSOE

• Swedish Social Democratic Party, SAP

• Socialist International Women, SIW

• International Union of Socialist Youth, IUSY

Council decided to recommend the Socialist Party of France to occupy the Chair, Pierre Moscovici.

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