Declaration on the Covid-19 pandemic and health professionals

Meeting of the SI Council in Geneva, 7-8 July 2022

Original: Portuguese

The Council of the Socialist International, meeting on 7-8 July 2022 in Geneva, expresses its solidarity and appreciation to health professionals, men and women who during the Covid-19 pandemic made immeasurable efforts to save lives.

The Council recalls that health professionals occupied the front line in the fight against Covid-19. At the peak of the disease, these professionals faced strenuous working conditions and often had to make great efforts to cover the absence of colleagues, many of whom lost their lives to the disease. The Council stresses that women were overrepresented in front line health and care positions and worked with courage and dedication to save the lives of men and women.

It recognises that to avoid spreading the disease, they had to stay away from friends and family. In this bleak environment, health workers in many countries, like so many other workers, have had to face the financial consequences of the economic mismanagement of the pandemic.

It reiterates that this situation only highlights their willpower and courage, as well as their vocation to take care of people. The selflessness and commitment of these professionals saved countless lives.

It expresses that this effort has shown the great regard and solidarity of healthcare professionals with the sick and affected by Covid-19, especially with their friends and family.

It appeals to governments in favour of vaccination, because in many countries denialism has contributed to delaying and hampering vaccination, as occurred in Brazil.

It reiterates its solidarity and its commitment to the concrete struggle to improve the working and living conditions of health professionals.

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