Declaration on the Kurdish situation

Meeting of the SI Council in Geneva, 7-8 July 2022

Kurdistan in Iraq

The Council of the Socialist International recognises that the Middle East is going through a critical juncture. National chauvinism, terrorism, lack of civil governance and bad economic conditions have engulfed the region with instability.

The SI recognises the Kurdish issue in the region and the crucial role of the Kurdistan Region (KR) and their military forces (Peshmerga) in defeating Daesh. We recognise efforts by the KR to deal with a range of problems, with courage and sincerity. The main principles of the SI, such as human rights, freedom, solidarity, justice and peace must continue to be fought for in Iraq and the Middle East.  Within the framework of these principles, Iraq and the Middle East region can have a peaceful and stable future.

The Council supports the reactivation of the SI Committee on the Kurdish Question, and the holding of a meeting in the Kurdistan region of Iraq to focus on the Kurdish case and creating harmony among the Kurdish members of the SI.


Kurdistan in Iran

We support the Iranian people’s protest and civil movement against the Islamic republic, and especially the Kurdish people’s movement for their rights. We believe that the best way to overcome the continuous threats from the Islamic republic to the security and stability of the region is to support the civil movements of people to attain their human and democratic rights and establish a regime which on a domestic level is democratic and legitimized by the multi ethnic people of Iran, and on the international level a government which is committed to international law and a trusted partner for the international community.