Declaration on Colombia

SI Council Meeting in Mexico City, 30 June-01 July 2014

Original: Spanish

The World Council of the Socialist International, meeting in Mexico City on 30 June-­‐1 July 2014, has addressed among the themes of its agenda the efforts of the organization to achieve peace in open conflicts. In this respect, the SI has decided to express its unequivocal support to the peace process with which Colombia searches to put an end to half a century of conflict and insurgency of the FARC.

The Socialist International calls for progress in the Peace Dialogues that have been carried out in Havana since November 2012 and trusts that these may continue to bear fruit. The International views with optimism how important agreements have been achieved to date in matters of agrarian development, political participation and the end of links with drug trafficking, and recalls that other issues of greatest importance are still pending, such as accepting responsibility in front of the victims of the conflict, and ultimately demobilization.

The International will follow with special interest the forthcoming participation of the representatives of the victims in the Dialogues for Peace and reiterates its solidarity with them. The International shares the recent declarations of the negotiators of the Colombian government and of the FARC, who in opening the way for the victims to integrate themselves into the peace process, expressed that a plural and balanced representation would be ensured for them and for the different acts of victimisation, with gender violence having a special significance. Truth, justice, reparation and non-­‐repetition are rights and guarantees for all Colombians who have been suffering the conflict for generations.

The Socialist International supports the Colombian society and their current demands to policy-­‐ makers and social leaders for a prompt and successful conclusion of the Peace Dialogues, and will continue to support them in the construction of a post-­‐conflict country which will effectively build peace and allow for conditions of more justice, inclusion, wellbeing and security for all Colombians.