List of Speakers

Meeting of the SI Council in Cascais, Portugal, 4-5 February 2013

The World Economy: Our Vision for Growth, Jobs and Sustainable Development
George Papandreou (Greece, PASOK)
António José Seguro (Portugal, PS)
Alfred Gusenbauer (Austria, SPÖ)
Purificación Causapié (Spain, PSOE)
Attila Mesterhazy (Hungary, MSzP)
Dragan Djilas (Serbia, DS)
Eurico Dias (Portugal, PS)
Philippos Sahinidis (Greece, PASOK)
Jamila Madeira (Portugal, PS)
Richard Parker (Democratic National Committee of the USA)
PM José Maria Neves (Cape Verde, PAICV)
Francisco Sardinha (India, INC)
Kemal Kiliçdaroglu (Turkey, CHP)
Sukhbaatar Batbold (Mongolia, MPP)
Martin Torrijos (Panama, PRD)
Marian Lupu (Moldova, PDM)
Carlos Vieira da Cunha (Brazil, PDT)
Julio Mãteus Paulo (Angola, MPLA)
Alexander Romanovich (Russian Federation, A Just Russia Party)
Kopeng Obed Bapela (South Africa, ANC)
Liu Jieyi (China, CPC)
Hermes Binner (Argentina, PS)
Carlos Roberto Lupi (Brazil, PDT)
Yasmin Duarte (South Africa, ANC)
Habib El Malki (Morocco, USFP)
Beatriz Talegón (IUSY)
Emmanuel Golou (Benin, PSD)
Rafael Michelini (Uruguay, NE)
Mikhael Marzuqa Butto (Chile, PPD)
Henry Ramos Allup (Venezuela, AD)
Svetlina Yolcheva (Bulgaria, PBSD)

Mali: Supporting peace, security and democracy in the Sahel
Ibrahim Boubacar Keita (Mali, RPM)
Ibrahima Ndiaye (Mali, ADEMA-PASJ)
Mohamed Bazoum (Niger, PNDS)
Ahmed Ould Daddah (Mauritania, RFD)
Ousmane Tanor Dieng (Senegal, PS)

Latest developments concerning the efforts of the people in the Arab World to advance the democratic agenda
Mustapha Ben Jaafar (Tunisia, Ettakatol)
Hesham Youssef (Guest from the Arab League)
Nabil Shaath (Palestine, Fatah)
Radhi Mohsen Al Mosawi (Guest from Wa’ad Party of Bahrain)
Abdaziz Othman (Guest from the Kurdish National Council of Syria)

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