Regional and thematic Committees established by Council and their elected chairs and vice-chairs

ROME COUNCIL, 21-22 January 1997

SI Finance and Administration Committee, SIFAC (statutory committee)
Chair: Gunnar Stenarv (SAP, Sweden)

SI Asia-Pacific Committee
Chair: Makoto Tanabe (SDP, Japan)
Vice-Chairs: to be decided by the Committee

SI Africa Committee
Chair: Ousmane Tanor Dieng (PS, Senegal)
Vice-Chairs: Aristides Lima (PAICV, Cape Verde), Laurent Gbagbo (FPI, Ivory Coast)

SI Committee for Central and Eastern Europe, SICEE
Co-Chairs: Piero Fassino (PDS, Italy), László Kovács (MSzP, Hungary)
Vice-Chair: Jan Kavan (CSSD, Czech Republic)

SI Committee on Economic Policy, Development and Environment, SICEDE
Chair: António Guterres (PS, Portugal)
Vice-Chair: Peter Jankowitsch (SPÖ, Austria)

SI Committee on Human Rights, SICOHR
Chair: Clare Short (Labour Party, Great Britain)
Vice-Chair: Daphna Sharfman (Labour Party, Israel)

SI Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean, SICLAC
Chair: José Francisco Peña Gómez (PRD, Dominican Republic)
Vice-Chairs: to be decided by the Committee

SI Mediterranean Committee
Chair: Raimon Obiols (PSOE, Spain)
Vice-Chairs: to be decided by the Committee

SI Middle East Committee, SIMEC
Chair: Bjørn Tore Godal (DNA, Norway)
Vice-Chairs: Christoph Zöpel (SPD, Germany), Pierre Guidoni (PS, France), Israel Gat (Labour Party, Israel), Mohamed Abdellah (NDP, Egypt)

SI Peace, Security and Disarmament Committee, SIPSAD
Chair: Günther Verheugen (SPD, Germany)
Vice-Chairs: Pertti Paasio (SDP, Finland), Maria Carrilho (PS, Portugal), Mario Didò (SI, Italy)

SI Committee on Local Authorities
Chair: Philippe Busquin (PS, Belgium)
Vice-Chairs: to be decided by the Committee