Declaration on Holocaust Remembrance

Meeting of the SI Council in Santo Domingo, 28-29 January 2019

The Council of the Socialist International, gathered in Santo Domingo on 28-29 January 2019:

Notes that racial, ethnic and religious prejudice, discrimination and hatred have caused untold human suffering throughout recorded history;

Recalls that the prejudice, discrimination and hatred that arose out of pre-existing anti-Semitism was a condition precedent to the Holocaust perpetrated by Nazi Germany, its allies and accomplices resulting in the annihilation of six million Jews and countless members of other minorities;

Notes with concern that anti-Semitic acts of varying nature and intensity have multiplied lately in Europe, the United States, Canada and elsewhere;

Decries the growing tendencies towards Holocaust denial and the re-writing of history;

Recalls Resolution A/RES/60/7 on Holocaust remembrance adopted on 1 November 2005 by the United Nations General Assembly designating 27 January as International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust;

Joins the United Nations in marking International Holocaust Day and in remembering the victims of one of the worst crimes committed in human history;

Rejects any denial of the Holocaust as a historical event, either in full or in part;

Condemns without reserve all manifestations of religious intolerance, incitement, harassment or violence against persons or communities based on ethnic origin or religious belief, wherever they occur;

Calls upon governments and political parties to fight against all forms of racism, discrimination and Holocaust denial.






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