Declaration on the Threat of Nuclear Conflict

Meeting of the SI Council in Santo Domingo, 28-29 January 2019

The Council of the SI, meeting in Santo Domingo on 28-29 January 2019, considers it necessary and relevant to draw the attention of SI member parties and the world community as a whole to the acute problem of the growing threat of nuclear conflict, caused by the deformation of the existing treaty system of ensuring strategic security in the world.

In recent years, strategic stability, understood as the level of threat of nuclear war, has rapidly deteriorated. At the moment, the level of threat is comparable to the period preceding the Caribbean crisis (Cuban missile crisis), which almost led humanity to a global catastrophe and was preceded in the 1950s by an essentially unlimited arms race.

In the years following the Second World War, the world maintained nuclear deterrence based on the fear of a nuclear apocalypse. However, today this situation has become more and more unsteady as the technological obstacles to acquiring nuclear weapons have diminished.

Also of concern are the US withdrawal in 2002 from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (ABMT), and more recently from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (Iran nuclear deal) and Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, which undermine the foundations of the non-proliferation regime, a key part of which was the commitment to reduce arsenals.

These dangerous steps should encourage peace-loving forces on the planet to take actions that can be called a qualitatively new stage in the struggle for peace with the core requirement to prevent a destructive nuclear war.

The SI calls on its member parties and parliaments of the world to contribute to the revival of the universal struggle for peace, in line with the Declaration of Principles of the SI, which defines peace as a basic value.