Declaration on Venezuela

Meeting of the SI Council in Santo Domingo, 28-29 January 2019

Original: Spanish

The Council of the Socialist International, meeting on 28-29 January 2019 in Santo Domingo, expressed its grave concern at the deepening political, economic and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.

Recalling its previous statements on the situation in Venezuela, in particular the Resolution of the SI Council in June 2018 and the statement issued by the SI Presidium in September 2018, the Socialist International:

Reiterates its position that the electoral process of May 2018 lacked democratic credibility, as they were carried out through the outlawing of leaders and political parties, obliging this International to repudiate this process that is contrary to the democratic norms of competition, freedom and guarantees. The National Assembly is the legitimate authority to lead the democratic transition.

Expresses its enormous concern at the repression carried out against the Venezuelan people by the illegitimate regime of Nicolás Maduro, and urges the full restoration of the constitutional order. To date, 35 people have been killed in the protests, more than 850 detained and hundreds injured, especially in the poorer districts of the entire country, at the hands of the security forces commanded by Nicolás Maduro;

Repeats its previous calls for the full restoration of and respect for the democratically legitimate National Assembly, which is the centre of the democratic order in Venezuela and has a fundamental role to play in the restoration of democratic normality in the country;

Recognises the efforts of Juan Guaidó, president of the National Assembly and recognised by a significant part of the international community as interim president of Venezuela, to bring about a transition to democracy, supported by the legitimate National Assembly.

Underlines that the democratic legitimacy of the president and government in Venezuela comes only from the freely expressed will of the Venezuelan people and categorically rejects any form of external military intervention to bring about regime change in Venezuela;

Calls upon the Venezuelan people to resolve their differences peacefully, considering that the only way forward for Venezuela is the holding of new elections, overseen by a new, fully independent and impartial electoral authority, which must now happen as a matter of urgency. These must take place with the participation of those previously disqualified arbitrarily and be accompanied by the release of political prisoners;

Reiterates its solidarity with the Venezuelan people who are facing extraordinary suffering as they struggle to recover democracy in their country, and urges the swift provision of humanitarian assistance to alleviate the food and health emergency across the country.






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