Declaration - Taking Action to Free and Protect Palestine, Save the Two-State Solution

Meeting of the SI Council in Santo Domingo, 28-29 January 2019

The Council of the Socialist International, meeting in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on January 28- 29, recalls its previous resolutions and declarations on the question of Palestine and the Middle East Peace Process, in particular recent Council and Presidium meetings of the SI since 2010, and makes an urgent call upon all its members to take concrete measures in order to save the prospects of a just and lasting peace between Israel, Palestine and the rest of the region. In this regard the SI:

Reaffirms the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination, including the right to their independent State of Palestine on the 1967 lines with East Jerusalem as its capital. It reaffirms its commitment, in accordance with international law, to bring a complete end to the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories that started in 1967, so as to achieve the two-state solution, as two sovereign democratic states for all their citizens, living in peace and harmony; and a just negotiated solution to the issue of the Palestinian refugees.

After more than 25 years of failure to achieve peace through a bilateral process, we believe that time has come for the international community to meet its responsibilities under international law and bring an end to the Israeli occupation.

Recalling our 2011 Athens Council declaration on the Middle East, whereby we called for the recognition of the State of Palestine, the SI members reaffirm this commitment and:

  • Declare it has become mandatory and urgent for all members of the Socialist International, especially those in government that have not recognised the State of Palestine in accordance with UNGA Resolution 67/19 of 2012, to do so as soon as possible.
  • Congratulate the Irish and Chilean parliaments for advancing legislation concerning the Israeli settlements in the occupied State of Palestine.
  • Support a greater international action in order to achieve a just and lasting peace based on International Law for Palestine and Israel, including an end to the Israeli occupation.
  • Support a total end to the settlement activities, the immediate cessation of the destruction of homes and the deportation of Palestinians.
  • Encourage a non-violent approach at all levels by all parties, including acts of settlers' violence aimed at Palestinian civilians, and the cessation of all forms of violence against the non-violent Palestinian resistance.
  • The Council further calls upon the US administration to reconsider its one-sided positions that are favouring only Israel. We regret the US decision to withdraw from the Human Rights Council as well as from UNESCO and strongly condemn the steps taken by the Trump administration, including the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and cutting aid to UNRWA. We call upon the rest of the international community to endorse an international conference for the Middle East Peace Process based on the relevant UN resolutions, international law and the Arab Peace Initiative.
  • Emphasise that the only political solution for Israel and Palestine is one where international law and UN resolutions are implemented, with the human rights of all citizens respected regardless of their national origin, religion or gender. It is in this spirit that SI reiterates its call upon the Israeli Parliament to eliminate all laws that discriminate against its Arab-Palestinian citizens, including the ban on family reunification and the “Jewish nation-state” law.
  • Reiterate their solidarity with the progressive forces in Israel, including SI member parties that support full equality for all Israeli citizens regardless of their religion or ethnic origin as well as the establishment of the two-state solution based on International Law.





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