Report of the Committee on Gender Parity, Ouafa Hajji, Co-Chair of the Committee

Meeting of the SI Council in Santo Domingo, 28-29 January 2019


Original: French

On the occasion of the meeting of the Council of the Socialist International in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on 28-29 January 2019, the first meeting of the Committee on Gender Equality, created at the SI Congress in Cartagena in 2017, took place with the objective of implementing for the SI and its members the texts relating to gender equality.

Following the conclusion of its work, the Committee on Gender Equality recommends to the Council the adoption of the following decisions:

  1. The obligation of all its members to implement the quota enshrined in our current texts of at least 30% for the representation of women in the delegations to our different meetings This decision will take effect at the next meeting of the SI Council, and will have the consequence of failing to comply as from the following Council after that;

  2. To send to the member parties a questionnaire that will permit us to gather information linked to the socio-political situation of women within the parties, as well as in the countries in general. This action will make possible the drafting of a world map of the gender situation inside the SI. It will also allow us to detect good and bad practices and to help some parties to reach the objective of men/women equality within their organisations;

  3. To take into account the gender dimension in all the subjects covered by the SI;

  4. To ask the Ethics Committee not admit or change the status of any party that does not comply with current conditions of the SI regarding gender;

  5. Every year a prize will be awarded to the party, government or person, who has distinguished themselves in the promotion of gender equality;

  6. The SI will develop initiatives on specific themes of great importance, such as violence against women;

  7. The SI will communicate these priorities to the Council, to all its members and to the public.



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