Resolution to establish a network of parliamentarians

TEL AVIV AND RAMALLAH - For a Middle East in peace, 23-24 May 2005


The Council of the Socialist International:

• Considering the fundamental role of parliaments and parliamentarians in the fulfilment and implementation of democracy and democratic life in every nation and society throughout the world;

• Fully supporting the crucial work of parliaments and parliamentarians in the advancement and furthering of democracy and democratic governance at every level from the local to the national, from the regional to the global;

• Underlining that social democratic, labour and socialist parties have been a pillar for the development of democracy and democratic political life on every continent, and for the reinforcement of the central work of parliament and parliamentarians in every region;

• Mindful of the need to further strengthen the parliamentary dimension and the capacity of parliaments and parliamentarians to face the new challenges of globalisation and governance with legitimate and democratic responses and initiatives based on the interests and priorities of our citizens;

• Aware of the need to reinstate and recover the notion of public service, a permanent commitment of social democracy, and of politics as critical to the modern and efficient functioning of government;

• Conscious of the relevance of deepening the involvement of parliamentarians of the Socialist International member parties in the work of the organisation, both, with a view to broadening the capacity of the movement and to expanding the reach of the work of the parliamentarians of the Socialist International member parties;

• Confident that the interaction and the sharing of knowledge and experience of parliamentarians from the Socialist International member parties will be of mutual benefit and will greatly enhance the collective contribution in favour of citizens everywhere;



• To establish a global network of labour, social democratic and socialist parliamentarians of parties belonging to the Socialist International;

• To coordinate the efforts of social democratic parliamentarians working within international and regional organisations, with the principal goal of developing and presenting common proposals and projects at major world and regional gatherings;

• To set up a bank of initiatives, proposals and programmes of a global and regional character to be available to members of parliament of the Socialist International member parties for their reference and benefit;

• To recommend to all member parties to include parliamentarians in party delegations to Socialist International meetings and activities.


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