A New Venezuela

7 December 2015

The Socialist International has been present in the political life of Venezuela in a direct and constant way for many years, alongside the democratic and progressive forces of the country.

This presence has always been determined by our commitment to democracy, human rights and social progress.

Today, as a result of this commitment, three full member parties of the International, Acción Democrática, Voluntad Popular and Un Nuevo Tiempo, form part of the Mesa de Unidad Democrática, a broad opposition platform, and are key players in the results obtained in the elections for a new Parliament that took place yesterday.

The Mesa de Unidad Democrática has already won a great victory, the final details of which will be confirmed in the coming hours.

The Mesa de Unidad Democrática is today ready to assume responsibility for the creation of a project for all Venezuelans, within the framework of full respect for human rights and democratic freedoms, in order to achieve an authentic social transformation.

The Socialist International's presence in Caracas yesterday during the elections, with a delegation headed by its Secretary General, is a demonstration of the permanent commitment of our organisation to the values of democracy and freedom.

Along with congratulating all Venezuelans on this day of democracy, the Socialist International greets the historic triumph of its member parties and their allies in the Mesa de Unidad and renews its commitment to accompany their efforts in the new process that begins today.

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