Celebration of election results in Albania

25 June 2013

The Socialist International joins the people of Albania celebrating in the streets today, welcoming the  results of the elections that took place last Sunday, which indicate a resounding victory for the coalition of the Left led by Edi Rama of the SI member Albanian Socialist Party, and a Vice-President of the International.

The strong showing of the Left coalition, Renaissance, is a signal of the desire for change in Albania, a desire to turn the page on the previous regime, and to work together for a modern, democratic country, enjoying its full place in Europe.

The SI Secretary General, in a press conference in Tirana with Edi Rama, congratulated the Albanian people and expressed sympathy with the victims of a violent incident on voting day. He praised the unification of the Left forces in the country as a demonstration of their will to work for a common progressive future, and hailed the high number of votes for Renaissance as a victory for Albania, for its people, and a victory for the entire social democratic movement.