Declaration of the Socialist International on Nicaragua

23 April 2018

The death of nearly 30 Nicaraguan citizens as a result of the repression carried out by the national police and other armed groups against demonstrators during protests that have taken place in that country these last days following the Government’s announcement of reforms to the social security system, can under no circumstances be justified and is totally unacceptable.

This loss of life and the deplorable violence used against the protestors have been a cause of deep consternation within the Socialist International. At the same time, we express our grave concern at the limitations imposed on the media and the undetermined number of detainees who should be immediately released.

A democratic State must always guarantee the life and protection of its citizens, and it is its duty to articulate responses to their demands and concerns, fully respecting their lives, their rights and their freedoms.

Today, we make a strong appeal to the Government of Nicaragua to immediately initiate a process for effective responses to the demands of its citizens, in a spirit of inclusion and justice, to re-establish social peace through initiatives that will allow the whole of the Nicaraguan population to recover the road to coexistence, within the framework of democracy.