Declaration on brutal physical assault on Rolando Araya Monge in Costa Rica

9 April 2002

The Socialist International expresses its outrage and condemnation of the brutal physical assault on Rolando Araya Monge, an SI Vice-President and leader of SI-member National Liberation Party, PLN, and members of his family in Costa Rica following the recent presidential elections.

Rolando Araya Monge has always distinguished himself as a faithful exponent, an inspired advocate and a committed defender of a Costa Rica recognised as a nation of peace, tolerance and humanity.

Today, while condemning categorically this cowardly attack, we express our profound solidarity with him, with his family, and with all Costa Ricans who believe in democracy and freedom, and who desire the best for their country, with the hope that those responsible are brought to justice, that such an act never be repeated and that Costa Rica, with the example of leaders such as Rolando Araya Monge, remain a model of democracy and of full respect for the fundamental rights of its citizens.